Dr. Mike Johnson, Dermapen Medical Director

Derma Pen, LLC announced in September 2012 that Dr. Mike Johnson was brought on board as the company Medical Director. Mike Johnson M.D. trained as a neurologist at the University of Minnesota. After postdoctoral training, he pursued neuroscience research in Parkinson’s disease and motor physiology.
Medical Director. Mike Johnson M.D

Concurrently with his academic research activities, Dr. Johnson developed iontophoresis drug delivery, wound healing, and neuromuscular stimulation devices in consultation with industry. He has published numerous basic science papers and holds patents pertaining to drug delivery and neuromuscular control. 

Dr. Johnson began working with the cosmetic – dermatological industry over 10 years ago as an Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) and laser developer. Having extensive previous experience with fractional lasers, Dr. Johnson found Dermapen to be a highly competitive solution. He states, “Needle dermabrasion has an impressive scientific literature base, without a single reported case of post-treatment post-inflammatory hyper-pigmentation, so common after laser-based therapies. Dermapen induces collagenesis without coagulating capillaries and leaving charred, necrotic debris in the micro-wounds. It appears to do this without inflammation”. Dr. Johnson has well-honed expertise in medical device regulatory affairs for the U.S. and International markets. “We’re looking at exciting clinical trials ahead for Dermapen products. I am excited to be involved in the process of developing new indications for Dermapen and obtaining clearance by the FDA and CE/MDD.” 

“Dr. Johnson’s wealth of industry knowledge and experience has already made him a key addition to the Dermapen family. We are more than excited to have him as our Medical Director as we look to stay ahead of this emerging market. Our current Dermapen and cosmetic products as well as new innovations in skin evaluation are currently in development, paired with increasing demand from our growing practitioners led us in search of a skilled medical director who understood the incredible opportunities in the field of skin micro needling. We have found that medical director in Dr. Mike Johnson,” says Mike Morgan, CEO.